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California’s life science industry continues to be the key driver of economic growth and high-quality job creation for the state. According to the California Life Sciences Workforce Trends Report for 2021, the life science industry accounted for 91% of the job postings in California and the San Francisco Bay Area led with 44% of the total life science industry postings for the state. How will San Francisco Bay Area life science companies find the talent to continue fueling workforce and economic growth? Will these new workers have the experience they need to immediately contribute to our expanding industry?

Project Onramp is one way that San Francisco Bay Area life science companies can ensure that they tap a local source of diverse talent as they advance and mature their pipelines.

We are looking for paid internships in hard science and in business disciplines, including marketing, communications, IT, HR and administration. Offering Project Onramp internships enables students who are underrepresented in the industry valuable work-based skills and experience while allowing host companies to test-run possible entry-level talent. The impact to your investment in the industry’s future will be high.

Learn more about Project Onramp and how these talented college students can help your organization grow now and in the future.

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